Investing in the Future

As an educational community, we strongly believe that the students entrusted into our care should be offered the very best learning opportunities, individual care and attention and the opportunity to develop into mature, reflective, critical, assertive independent citizens and lifelong learners.

To ensure that this takes place, we have developed a vision of what a school that prepares students for life in the 21st century should be like.  We have identified four areas which will be the focus for all school development initiatives over the coming years.

Lessons are for learning

The on-going and conscious emphasis on what happens within the classroom so that the learning experience is more

  • Consistent with progression in all areas and levels
  • Holistic
  • Relevant
  • Differentiated

This within a learning policy that includes parents as partners and encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Christian faith and values

The Nurturing of a spiritual experience which is personal and communitarian inspired by the Dominican Charisma.

Inclusion DOES work

  • Diversity in all its forms is celebrated
  • A Culture of co-responsibility and community is nurtured.
  • Different strategies to include all students are explored and developed.

Empowerment through responsibility

This strategic intent aims at nurturing in students a sense of ownership and co-responsibility for:

  • their learning
  • well being
  • social and environmental concerns even beyond the school
  • developing leadership skills, teamwork and other skills.

Together we can

  • Sharing of good practice
  • Nurturing an effective working relationship between our staff
  • Parents are made to feel an integral part of the school.

Relocating to New Premises          

This is a major initiative and during this process, attention will be given to:

  • The possibility of growth and expansion.
  • The development of an attractive, comfortable and educationally-conducive environment.
  • The development of both internal and external educational facilities.