Activities Beyond the Classroom

The College strongly believes that the curriculum should be grounded in real-life experience and thus it organises a number of enrichment visits for all pupils throughout the scholastic year. The College’s location in the Capital City, Valletta, offers teachers and their students numerous opportunities to bring lessons to life since all museums, exhibitions and other attractions of this historical Cultural Heritage City are within walking distance from the School.

Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Revival Team, headed by the College’s Spiritual Director, organises a number of activities which offer the students the opportunity to participate and grow within a strong and meaningful Christian environment. The College also offers the opportunity of personal and group reflection and spiritual guidance.

PSD Seminars and Careers Education

The personal and social development (PSD) and guidance teachers organise a series of seminars, educational visits and school-based activities which deal with issues which are particularly relevant and important to upperSeniorSchoolstudents. These issues include communication, relationships, the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and careers education. The Formal extension of PSD to the primary is also being considered.

Live-in Weekends

All students from Year 6 (JuniorSchool) to Form 5 are offered the possibility of participating in Weekend live-ins. During these weekend camps, the students can get to know each other and their year co-ordinators and teachers in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere. They are also encouraged to participate in sports, fun and cultural activities that are organised on their behalf.