Guidance and Counselling

Our mission is to provide continuos services of Guidance and Counselling to help our students to strongly develop. The School Headmaster, Assistant Heads, Counsellors and Guidance Teachers are all involved. Help is also provided by Year Co-ordinators, Subject Teachers, Learning Assistants and all the rest of the School Staff. Students attending the College and Parents of Students (where problems are related with their children) can all use this service.The role of a Counsellor are to provide personal or educative counselling to individual students or groups, together with the school amministraves help the Guidance Teacher, Year Co-ordinator and the rest of the staff in pastoral cure of the students and help so that referrals are created where it is needed.

The role of a Guidance Teacher is to help the students take responsible decisions in the educative life, give help to students regarding post secondary and careers, organize talks or outings of an educative nature regarding personal decisions, education or career and to act where there is need of help in personal issues and create referrals where it is needed in that case.

To make use of this service one can call for an appointment during school hours or ask for the Guidance Teacher Ms. Serena Buhagiar or the Counseller Ms. Pauline Pulis Baldacchino.

Send an e-mail on [email protected] or [email protected]

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