Dominican Heritage

The famous Dominican, Father Bede Jarret, used to describe the motto of the Dominican Order as being twofold: to teach by preaching and to preach by teaching.  The Dominican Order, right from its very beginning, has always maintained strong ties with the centres of learning around the world.  The Order, with its presence on theseIslandsfor more than five and a half centuries, has provided centres of learning besides making its presence felt in other fields of education.

In 1948, the Maltese Dominicans accepted yet another challenge: the running of a college inValletta.  Taking overFloresCollege, which had been established for seventy-four years, was a courageous step by the Province, thereby widening its spectrum of involvement in the educational reality of theMalteseIslands.

The Dominican Order has always been endowed with men and women of great learning in a variety of fields and the choice of Saint Albertthe Great as patron saint of our College was more than appropriate.  Saint Albert, way back in the thirteenth century, was a pioneer in various fields of science, his most common adage being “Expertus sum, experimentum feci” – “I have learnt through experiment.”  He was among the first and greatest of the natural scientists, gaining a reputation for expertise in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geography, metaphysics and mathematics.  He was also very learned in biblical studies and theology.  His feast day, November 15th, has been celebrated by the students and staff at our College since the first year of its existence.