Dear Europe


1st February, 2010

The Junior Sector of St. Albert the Great College are currently participating in their fourth Comenius Project in these last seven years. The project is entitled ‘Dear Europe’ and is of two years duration. St. Albert is coordinating this project. The other partner countries participating in this project are eight: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Turkey and last but certainly not least, San Anton School in Mgarr, Malta.

The main objective of the partnership is focused on learning from an interactive perspective. The outcome of this experience is to foster a desire and curiosity for education and learning on an international level. The interactive nature of the project will motivate the students through a hands-on approach. Through the learning of other cultures, pupils will have the opportunity to learn about their world, and will have a chance to present this information to the partners. Using English as the communication language will also provide an insight into what is necessary to learn a foreign language.

Host Meeting

As Malta (St. Albert the Great College – Junior School) is the coordinator of the project, it was only right that the first Host Meeting was hosted on our tiny island.

This meeting was held between the 19th and 23rd October, 2009. For this meeting, all partner countries sent their representatives; in fact, for the project meeting there were 25 representatives from all nine partner schools. The main objectives of the project meeting were various. It was important that the project would be discussed as a whole, and various tasks were allocated to the various partner schools. St. Albert the Great College as the coordinator, will oversee the project as a whole, and will be in charge of the website specifically to be created for the project.

The activities and mobilities to be undertaken during the scholastic year 2009-2010 were discussed in detail. Some of our activities will be the creation of the website, keeping an update of the project, a PowerPoint presentation compiled by every school about its country. All the presentations will in turn be on a CD, to be used as a teaching tool. A collaborative scrapbook, created by every school will be mailed to every school, and the students can leave constructive criticism on the guestbook section of the website. Thus, the students will become critical positive thinkers. Other activities will include a Logo competition and later in the year, a lesson with a theme: ‘A School Outing’. This will include the lesson plan linked to this outing, relevant handouts, on site fieldwork and so on.

Portugal will host the next project meeting between the 22nd-26th March. Poland will be the venue for the May meeting.