Academic Programme

With both a Junior and a SeniorSchool, we have the advantage of being able to offer a continuous and challenging curriculum from Year 1 (5 year-olds) to Form 5 (16 year-olds).  The curriculum is continuously being aligned to reflect both the latest National Minimum Curriculum and other advances in the world of Education.

At every stage, teachers have high expectations of all their students.  Extra learning support in the basic subjects is given to those students who need it most.  The College also takes great pride in its inclusive policy which provides for a number of students with special educational needs.

The Junior School

Students in the Junior School follow a broad and varied curriculum, which includes a strong cultural and creative element. Besides the core curriculum, all Junior School students follow lessons by specialist teachers in art, drama, music, physical education and information technology. Learning skills are introduced towards the ends of the Junior School course.

Emphasis is given by both the class teacher and the Deputy Head responsible for the Junior School to the individual attention and follow up of all the students in our care.

The Senior School

The Senior School curriculum is also broad and varied and eventually leads to MATSEC certification.  Students in Forms 1 and 2 follow a broad curriculum which includes Art & Design, Drama, English, Information Technology, Integrated Science, Maltese, Maths, Physical Education, Personal and Social Development, Religion and Learning Skills, together with a choice between French and Italian.

In an effort to enhance a holistic educational experience, Social Studies and History were collapsed into a MEDITERRANEAN EXPERIENCE. It is a process that the college intends to develop within other areas as well.

Students in Forms 3, 4 and 5 follow a core curriculum consisting of English, Information Technology, Maltese, Maths, Physical Education, Personal & Social Development and Religion.

In line with our policy of enhancing students’ voice, students get to choose freely any 3 subjects from the list shown hereunder as options.

Graphical Communcations
Computer Studies
Home Economics
Environmental Studies
Expressive Arts
Physical Education
Business Studies

It is then up to the school to arrange the subjects chosen into 3 columns.  Students are obliged only to chose at least one science subject since this is a pre-requisite for entry into the Junior College.

Some subjects may also be listed under 2 columns when the take-up of the subject is substantial.  This arrangement gives more flexibility, reduces class size and widens the possible combinations of the subjects chosen.

They will also follow the foreign language selected at Form 1 up to the end of the Senior School.